Hoyas Climbing Ladder, Rung by Rung, Before Showdown With Jayhawks

The latest AP Top 25 AP and Coaches Rankings were released today and it’s official:  if the Hoyas beat Kansas, they will solidly break into the Top 25.  It isn’t the be all and end all in early December, but it is no doubt a goal for Coach JT3 and his team to beat Kansas.  A national ranking will follow.

In the AP Top 25 ranking, Georgetown appears to be in the unnumbered 28th spot, just behind the Spartans of Michigan State and the Fighting Illini of where else, Illinois.  There are currently 2 2-loss teams in the Top 25, Oklahoma at 16 and San Diego State at 18.

Scratching Your Head Too?  The Coaches’ ranking leads one to scratch his or her head.  The Hoyas are in the unnumbered 30th spot, behind the Michigan Wolverines, who lost at home to that basketball powerhouse NJIT, the only independent D I school in the nation (not by choice).  Notre Dame, the Johnnies of the Big East and Arkansas are ranked slightly ahead of Georgetown.

Hoya fans are awaiting Wednesday night when they will fill the Phone Booth to the rafters and cheer their team onto victory!  Not for a ranking necessarily, but just because it must be done.  Hoya Saxa Baby!

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