#Mets in the Wild Card 2016: AmazinLand!


AmazinLand (By Laura Farina to the Tune and Inspiration of SPRINGSTEEN’S Jungleland)

The Amazins had a homecoming In Flushing late last night
And the Magic Bats in Philly drove the Mets back
Over the New York state line
Sweet Wild Card is waitin’ for Terry and Sandy
Throwin’ down beers in soft autumn rain
Yoenis pulls into town, rolls up his pants
Together he and Cabrera take a stab at Bro-mance
And disappear down Amazin’ Lane
The Maximum Dollars run down Jay Bruce
Chasing Jose, Loney and another arm
And the fans ’round here live day to day
Always believin’, holding hands
From the bridges to the tunnels
Tonight all is Perfect in the world
As we take our stand, once again
Down in Amazinland

This Patchwork Gang’s assembled
And picked a rendezvous w/NY history for the night
They’ll meet ‘neath that Giant Coke sign
That brings this fair venue light
Man, there’s Syndergaard out on the Mound
There’s a ballet being choreographed in the Outfield
Until the local heroes, Salaries close to Zero, rip this holy night

The plate’s alive as secret dreams are made
Contact made, no longer unknown
Kids rip doubles just like Rivera
Hustling for the NLDS crown
The hungry and the hunted
Explode into opposing teams
That face off against each other out on the field
Down in AmazinLand

In the parking lot the 7 Liners dress in the latest rage
Inside the True Blue fans are dancin’
To the records that the PR System plays
Full-hearted Mets lovers huddle in the corners Desperate as the innings move on
Just one Cespy swing and a bang, and it’s gone

Throughout Citi Field, all hearts beat
Grandy and Conforto running down flies in a night so tender
As a stadium rocks, making new history
Of firm refusal and never surrender
In the tunnels uptown, the Yanks’ own dream brings them ‘round
As shouts echo down them hallways in the night Everyone watches when the Mets pull away
And as Addison shuts out the Giants light
Outside the street’s on fire as Jeurys takes his walk
To turn into flesh what was fantasy
And the poets down here write another chapter this fall As they stand back, smile, and let it all be
And in the quick of a K, they reach for their moment They live to see another day, another stand
And they wind up triumphant, far from dead
Tonight in AmazinLandth

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