The Season is Not (Yet) Over: Hoyas Face Blue Demons at the Garden

I have been absent from the discussion for a few weeks.  So I missed you at least during the last two games, the OT loss vs Butler at home and the destruction in Philadelphia at the hands of the then #1 Villanova Wildcats.

The Georgetown Hoyas find themselves tonight in a very unusual position as the Big East Tournament begins at the Garden tonight:

14-17 on the season, the ONLY chance of playing in the post-season is to win the tournament championship.  Last odds I saw was approximately 1.5%

Tonight they play for pride and face a team that they have beaten twice, early in the season, the DePaul Blue Demons.  While DePaul has faltered more than Georgetown this season, they had and have no expectations tonight so I imagine they will play loose, and their “star” guard, Myke Davis, won’t feel pressure.

On the other hand, the Hoyas have made lists of the most disappointment teams this season in terms of expectations as compared with actual performance, so the greater pressure indeed is on the Hoyas.

A loss sends them home from New York City without any further games to play this season, not even the NIT.  So the Hoyas should be motivated, and in order to prevail they will require maximum effort from all team members, including returnee Bradley Hayes, post-injury.  Sophomores LJ Peak and Isaac Copeland need to continue their solid play, and senior DSR has a chance to prove his worth to his team–one more time.

It won’t be easy, not even against DePaul, but to drop this game would be worse than any first or second round loss in the NCAA tournament.

Query:  Does it bother anyone that George Washington University Basketball has been advertising on Fox Sports One?

With teams having punched tickets to the dance including UNC-Asheville (who beat the Hoyas this season) and UNC-Wilmington (who the Hoyas narrowly beat) and Monmouth likely getting an at large bid, those pre-season games sting.  However, what flattened the Hoyas was the competition in the Big East.  They have one last chance to change course.


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