The Hoyas Missed the Memo, Clipped the Blue Jays, 74-73

th-1The Georgetown men’s basketball team were apparently the Only Ones who Missed the Memo:  with commentators and faithful fans alike having already declared the season over, the only ones with any control over it–10 suited players–pulled the most improbable comeback and refusing to lose, played the most exciting few minutes of frantic, desperation basketball this season to live another day.  Again in possession of second place in the perennial rough and tumble Big East, at 6-2, the Hoyas merged past and present, blended legacy and future, to beat a strong and Creighton Blue Jay team and with its unflappable and talented point guard Maurice Watson, Jr. and their wide and ruddy big men, one actually looked like a Mountaineer from our former Big East opponent now in the Top 10.  But given the Hoyas fight and heart in the end all Blue Jay Coach Greg McDermott could muster was this: th-2

It Was a Team Effort:  All Hoyas played, and contributed.  It wasn’t pretty and they had two, not one, opponents to beat:  1.  The Creighton Blue Jays, behind its star Maurice “Mo” Watson, Jr., and 2.  The Referees.  Now I am not that fan who cries about the referees.  In fact, I come from a family of referees and umpires and I sat in the stands as a kid and stared down anyone who called out my Dad.  But last night these guys were horrendous.  Of course, the Hoyas made their share of silly fouls but the 5th foul on Govan, what was that?  That was just one.  Listen to John Thompson, Jr. at the post-game presser and he’ll tell you what went down.  I think getting refs that bad in the Big East is an embarrassment to the conference so I hope Commissioner Ackerman will investigate.

Legacy:  Rejection Row, Riyan and the Miracles.  Sound Familiar?  Patrick Ewing, Jr., as assistant coach.  Some smile and say “how nice”.  After last night’s game, one should know these aren’t accidents or niceties;  rather, this continuation of great tradition is intentional and with a purpose.  Hire and recruit well, and win.  If it’s legacy, so be it.  Legacy has played a role for years in the admissions process at Georgetown and other universities.

#33 sophomore forward Trey Mourning entered the game near the end of the first half and stopped a Hoya skid with 6 points with consecutive spot on jumpers.  Add defense, rebounds and blocked shots and one may have flashbacks to the ’90s indeed.  More minutes are good for the team and Hoya heart!

In the final minutes of the second half with the game on the line senior guard #21 Riyan Williams entered the game and helped the Hoyas with the press that caused the upset.  One of two at the line, that was a very necessary point!  Although next time we’d like to see Riyan sink both!




th-4 th-3

Future:  The Hoyas keep their fans guessing, to be sure.  Just when we think we have taken the turn to excellence–beating big bad Xavier–the team falls back at Storrs.  Now we await the new Big East darling Providence on Saturday, again with history.  Which Big Man and Hall of Famer was a Friar?

We keep calling each game a “Must Win”–why?  Because each game is.  The Hoyas have not–at this point–earned a place in the Big Dance and game by game, will need to move a notch or two to gain that entry to the party.  Do we have our doubts still?  Of course, but last night, the Georgetown team showed the heart and passion it takes to win games in February, when every game counts.

Prominent Player:  DSR, for his leadership and clutch free throws in the final seconds.

Game Ball:  Belongs to the Team, everyone from the guy who scored one point at the line to the high scorer, DSR with 19, and Derrickson (11) and Peak (10).

Prominent Stat: 10 Steals

Wings Clipped:  Blue Jays




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