Mets Bats (Come Out Tonight) World Series Version (to the Tune of Rosalita)


“Mets Bats (Come Out Tonight)”

To the tune of Bruce Springsteen’s Rosalita

Revised/inspired lyrics by Laura Farina 10/26/15


Come out now Mets Bats, Dark Knight just cut loose Scott Boras’s reins

You know playin’ inning limits is a little baby’s game

You pick up D’Arnaud’s glove dynamite, Mets Fans are lookin’ for fun,

And together we’re gonna go out tonight and make that 7 Line run

You don’t have to do it alone, you have a team of young bats and guns,

The only team we’re ever gonna need is the sweet Orange and Blue from


Amazins, you’re the One!


Captain Wright’s in the belfry playin’ with his bats

Familia’s in K.C. in front of Plaza III tryin’ out his attitude on all the cats

Conforto’s out in left field waitin’ for his World Series start

Yoenis is in the training room waitin’ for his next cortisone shot

The Wilpons will be there in their chairs when they wrestle the trophy upstairs

`cause you know

We’re all gonna come

We ain’t here on business, baby, we’re only here for fun

Amazins, you’re not done!


Amazins, jump a little lighter, Wilmer Flores come sit by my fire

I just want to be a winner, ain’t no liar, Amazins you’re my stone desire

Daniel Murphy and Lucas Duda you know they’re gonna be there

After his performance in the NLCS Murph is in rarefied October air

We’re gonna play some ball, round them all, “visit the K”, stay out all night

it’s gonna feel alright

Amazins come out tonight, U-ri-be come baaaack tonight!

Days off are for cheaters, no hitters for the poor

Walkoffs are for winners, Amazins hit some more

So use them, ‘Mazins, run up the score!


Duda just got a little hotter, Grandy, come ‘n’ start the fire

We all just want to be winners, ain’t no liar, Amazins you’re our New York desire


I know our fans are feeling good because we just swept the Cubbies in Chi-town

And Terry’s no longer messin’ with the lineup, it seems he’s got it down

Bartolo lowered the boom showed NL batters to their room

He’s come on to lend a hand

We’re comin’ to liberate you, confiscate you we’ll always be your fans

Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny

Ruben, don’t be sad, Utley will be plunked next year

And Sandy says the days are over that we don’t have any money

Says the days are over that we don’t have any money

The days are over since Madoff took our money

Tell Fred this is last chance to get his team in a World Series Dance

Because Cespedes and Murphy, Amazins, are expecting a big advance


Our hearts been bashed and we often crash but the Lord had mercy

The machine was a dud till mid July, then the fans returned from the

swamps of Jersey

Flores cried, help arrived, then we were comin’ on strong

By the time we meet the Royals in the Midwestern light we will know

who wins, bats or arms

The Amazin Aces with their pretty faces can tame the Royal bats in

Kaufmann Stadium and nothing stands in their way

The bats that went quiet are alive now when we need them, all night

and day

I can hear Tejada and Lagares in the dugout hummin’

So hold tight Mets fans `cause don’t you know the runs are comin’


Lucas Duda, hit another homer, Grandy, come ‘n’ start the fire

You’re not a Yankee anymore, ain’t no liar, [and you’re playing in the World


Amazins you’re our stone desire

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